Thursday, June 16, 2011

Book Announcement: "Eat Bananas and Follow Your Heart" by Mark J. Ehlers

From his inspirational and thought-provoking blog "Ehlers on Everything" comes a collection of interesting and touching essays on life, politics, baseball and religion by Mark J. Ehlers. Eat Bananas and Follow Your Heart: Essays on Life, Politics, Baseball and Religion is a book for anyone who believes that life is too short to remain uninvolved, time too precious to cease learning, thinking, caring, and laughing. -- Back Cover
I am not generally much of a self-promoter, but I am happy to announce that my book, Eat Bananas and Follow Your Heart (Bookstand Publishing, 2011), has just been published and is available at the following sites:


The book is a collection of many of the essays that I first posted on this blog from August 1, 2009, through December 31, 2010.  My daughter, Jennifer, designed the book cover.  She also took many of the photographs that are placed throughout the book.  I hope that you will consider obtaining a copy and, more importantly, sharing my passion for the diversity of life and for the need to ponder and ask questions.  For only if we allow ourselves to grow and to learn, to love and to laugh, can we truly say in the end, "We have lived."


  1. Mark - this is just so cool! Congratulations. I will definitely be an owner of Eat Bananas and Follow Your Heart.

  2. Thank you Kathleen. It is a lot of work, but it feels really good to have the book in its final, published form.

  3. Mark,

    As promised, you now sit nestled between Ann Coulter and Laura Ingraham and above you Michelle Malkin relaxes on her side. If I wasn’t a Republican, I’d be having impure thoughts right about now.

    Congrats on the book, I hope you sell a million copies and based on your daughter’s cover alone, you might.

    Rich R.

  4. Congrats!
    The cover is amazing! What's also amazing is that I can recognize you from your picture after all these years!

  5. Bruce,

    Thanks. I am very proud of my daughter, Jen, who has a keen eye for design and photography. She really did a great job on the cover. And I guess it is a good thing that you can still recognize me after the passage of so much time. I hope all is well with you.

  6. Just bought my copy! Congrats Mark. Jen did an amazing job on the cover - a family effort!

    Jenn Ehlers DePauw